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  • Welcome to Little Green Hydro

    Little Green Hydro is advancing microhydro technology, offering the first totally-integrated renewable energy solution based on microhydro power.

    Through our extensive work in the Green Mountains of Vermont, we have developed the EcoHydro System™, which provides reliable, low-cost, sustainable energy from small brooks and alternative water sources for farms, small businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations and individual residences.

    As energy costs increase and renewable energy becomes more important for the planet, the EcoHydro System offers an affordable and low-impact solution to meet energy needs anywhere water is flowing downhill.

  • EcoHydro System™ Benefits

  • Simple

    Most EcoHydro System components, such as the Intake and Penstock, are passive mechanical devices. They don't break! All technology components reside in sealed, field-replaceable units requiring no special expertise for operation.

  • Sustainable

    Little Green Hydro is committed to the best environmental stewardship possible and has engineered the EcoHydro System using advanced, lightweight technology. Our system provides optimal renewable energy on an economically sustainable basis, with negligible environmental and aesthetic impact.

  • Affordable

    With a favorable physical site, the EcoHydro System can generate electricity at grid-parity rates...as low as 10 cents per kWh!

  • Reliable

    The source of energy is gravity, which is always on, unlike the sun and the wind. Microhydro technology has existed for decades and, with today's advanced electronic and information technologies, is well-suited for non-stop 24/7 baseline power generation.

A New Kind Of Hydro

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